Representatives of all five (5) Habu grazing clusters, that altogether make up the cluster grazing Steering Committee, convened at the Habu Trust Offices on the morning of 23rd February 2022 to elect their chairperson and secretary as well as discuss urgent business in the form of slaughter-head contracts and grazing plan/stewardship agreements.

Named after each of the participating main satellite cattle posts about Habu, the five grazing clusters of Habu, Boajankwe, Ntswirii, Gweedao and Kakanaga are informal and decentralized local institutions designed to lead the management of communal herds and the grazing resources they depend on.

Messers Uatjii

Sebogilwe Machete

Amongst other things, the SC was in the meeting informed about the planned first in-take of cattle intended for slaughter into CO-EX’s livestock program’s pioneering mobile quarantine. Messrs Uatjii Nguvauva and Sebogilwe Mathete were elected Steering Committee Chairperson and Secretary respectively.